anonymize this place

The performative aspect of map

Every place has a name on the map, i.e. an administrative identity imposed by a top-down process, and related to a historical narrative. This identity, recognized by all, is the public life of a place. Making a place anonymous does not mean disregarding history, but adding a personal dimension to one’s relationship to the geographical space. It’s about creating a private life for a place, which is unique and boundless. A place has multiple private lives, or interpretations. This process of interpretation decenters the “official” version of History whose legitimacy is only a social construct. It’s about histoires (stories, if you want) with a minuscule and in plural. Such is the beauty of the insignificant and the diverse.

– Work in progress –

Part of my project “De nulle part à nulle part : une méthodologie de la flânerie”


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