Cutting ties

B. reports that she had a fugitive encounter with C. In the past, they had been involved in accidental exchanges with a low degree of intimacy and self-disclosure; notwithstanding, B. considers at the present moment that these contacts remain without impact on the evolution of their affinity. In addition, she acknowledges C.’s limited investment in the formation of a profound relation with her, which proves her attraction towards him to be unidirectional. As a matter of fact, they have never been mutually emotionally involved. Neither did he publicly demonstrate at any time his appreciation of her affection for him.

In consequence of her disillusionment, she presently experiences emotional distress, which leads to her avoidance of the aforementioned male subject. This attitude is manifested through highly associable behaviours towards the former potential romantic partner, for example fleeing at his sight, one that can be interpreted as a defence mechanism against probable disappointments caused by the unattainable object of affection. Therefore, she actively cuts the ties that she initiated.


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