Photography [writing assignment]

In an attempt to improve my English writing skills and overcome my fear of verbal expression, I have followed a basic writing course on Coursera in the last five weeks. This is the updated version of the text I wrote for the final assignment.

Topic: Identify and describe a favorite activity or interest and provide at least four reasons why this activity or interest holds your attention and/or is enjoyable to you.

I document life with an escapist approach

Photography is my favorite activity, but more than a hobby, it nurtures my personal growth in many aspects.

Having a passion for sight for as long as I remember, I’m extremely sensitive to the little beauties that cross my visual field. An observer by nature, I dedicate my free time to watch life – the mundane, ordinary life that can be unexpectedly beautiful if we look closely and patiently. Since I’m often overcome by the urge to capture all the gifts offered to my sight, carrying a camera with me is indispensable.

Like music or writing, photography is a language. It helps me to express myself when I’m clumsy with words and unable to articulate my thoughts. Through my pictures, I desire to share a part of my soul, thus letting others know what I feel, what I am, and what makes me.

I also consider photographing as a “visual exercise”. Taking photos is a way to document life. This practice challenges me to see beyond the appearance of things, in order to seize what is essential. As a result, I learn to fully embrace life and appreciate the diverse beauties of life.

Finally, befriending the camera has become a therapy for my soul. Whenever I’m overwhelmed by negative thoughts and feelings, I look out the window and take up my camera. By immersing myself in the outer world and focusing on what happens at the moment, I distract my mind from myself and learn to be less self-centered, which reduces the weigh of my problems.

Photography is the medium between the Other and me. Not only does it bring out the artist inside me, but it also connects me to people, to the world and to myself. But if I were to be honest, I would say that I only come up with these reasons to complete the writing assignment. I’m a doubtful creature whose soul is constantly tormented by existential questions, but taking photos is just something that feels right. It responds to my intuition, and it rhythms with my every breath.


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